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Access To Sai Village

Access to Sai Village

You can visit Sai Village by car or by sea.
Shimokita Peninsula is rich in scenic beauty, so be prepared to enjoy your way as well.
Please note that some routes are often closed due to a bad weather during the winter. So please make sure to check the latest traffic news before you leave for Sai Village.

Regular Liner from Aomori City

The quickest route from Aomori City is to take the “Polar Star” speed boat from Aomori Port.
It stops at Ushitaki Port and Fukuura Port in Sai Village before arriving at Sai Port. This is one of the few public transportation to visit those areas.
Please see the website of Sii Line Co., Ltd. for the timetable and where to board.
You can also find the latest update on the service status of the day.

By Car

When you visit Sai Village by car, the most convenient route should be the northbound route from the central Mutsu City via Ohata, Kazamaura and Ooma.
The southbound route from Kawauchi, Mutsu City has interesting tourist attractions such as the roadside station.
Please note that many of the mountain routes near Sai Village are closed during the winter. We advise you to check the latest status before you leave.

By Bus from Mutsu City

Shimokita Kotsu operates the bus services (Sai Line) from several locations in Mutsu City (e.g. Shimokita Station and Mutsu Bus Terminal).
It takes a little more than three hours. Please see the website of Shimokita Kotsu for the timetable and the fare.
In spring to fall, you can take the sightseeing cruise bus to visit tourist destinations in Shimokita Region “Gururin Shimokita Kanko Route (Sightseeing All around Shimokita) Bus”.
Please see the website of Shimokita Kanko Kyogikai for details.

By Sea from City of Hakodate (via Ooma Town)

You can take the ferry “Daikanmaru” from City of Hakodate to Ooma Port. From Ooma, it takes about 20 – 30 minutes by bus, taxi or rental car.
Please see the website of Tsugarukaikyo Ferry for the timetable and the fare.
Tsugarukaikyo Ferry Co., Ltd.

By Sea from Kanita (via Wakinosawa)

There is a ferry service from Sotogahama Kanita Port to Wakinosawa Port, Mutsu City.
From Wakinosawa, it takes around 1.5 hours to Hotokegaura and around 2.5 hours to the municipal office of Sai Village by car.
Please see the website of Mutsuwan Ferry for the timetable and the fare.
*The ferry service is not available during the winter.