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Sea Urchin Roe
The harvesting of sea urchin roe, one of the specialties of Sai Village, starts in spring. The northern sea urchin fed on nutritious seaweeds of Tsugaru Straits is deliciously rich and sweet, and unidon with generous amount of fresh sea urchin roe is hugely popular among tourists.


Marine Parade
Sai Village thrives on the fishery industry, and each of the areas with seaports holds a festival to praying for the large catch and safety on July 20 every year. The marine parade of fishing vessels with flapping tairyo-bata banners is the seasonal tradition of summer.


Yanonemori-hachimangu Shrine Annual Festival
Annual festival of Yanonemori-hachimangu Shrine is believed to descend from Gion Matsuri Festival of Kyoto and held on September 14 - 16 every year. It is a time-honored festival since Genroku period with the stunning town-wide parade of kagura dancers, portable shrines and floats.


Monkeys of the Northern Limit
Monkeys of the Northern Limit, designated as the protected species of Japan, are often seen in Sai Village. Monkeys living in the snow are rare and attract many visitors. You can’t help pointing a camera at pairs/groups of an adult and a baby/babies.