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The nature in Sai Village is greatly influenced by the ancient volcanic activities and the waves and winds over Tsugaru Straits in the present days.
Such influence has given numerous wonderful landscapes such as Hotokegaura, the national natural monument, Gankakeiwa Rocks with the tradition of building romantic relationship, and Nuidoishiyama to nurture rare plants.
The evening sun from Sai Village is very beautiful, and you will be stunned by the sun setting into Tsugaru Straits.
Please come and see for yourself the different faces the wonderful nature of Sai Village presents, in each season and different time of the day.

Hotokegaura - National Natural Monument

Hotokegaura has been formed by submarine volcanic activities around 20 million years ago and some million years of erosion by the sea. A band of cliffs and giant stones of mystic shapes lie along the bold shoreline. Many of the giant stones are named after some Buddhism episodes and others have colorful legends.


Gankakeiwa Rocks

Two gigantic rocks sticking out at the tip of Yagoshi Cape are Gankakeiwa Rocks. The rock on the left is Onnaiwa (female rock) and on the right is Otokoiwa (male rock), and together, they have been worshiped from the ancient time. The two gigantic rocks look just like an embracing couple, thus are believed to make the wish for romance come true.


Gankake-koen Park

This park spreads on the mountain side of Gankakeiwa Rocks. Five cottages made with Japanese cypress are built in the park, each of which accommodates up to 10 guests. You can use the outdoor kitchens to cook whatever you like. The evening sun from the park is gorgeous – during the winter, the sun goes down right in between the two of Gankakeiwa Rocks.


Sansonhiroba Square

This square is a park made on the slope in Kosai Area. Cherry trees are planted all over, so they blossom all at once from late April to early May. You will be stunned at the spectacular view.


Yakushisan Mountain

This mountain is at 120m elevation.It is an overlook with the sweeping view of Sai Port.Enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful scenery during the daytime as well as the sunset.There is a Yakushido Temple at the top, widely worshiped by the locals.



This is a mountain of 626m elevation in Fukuura Area. Rare species of lichen, only grown in North America and Siberia, was discovered here, and the “community of special plants in Nuidoishiyama/Nuidoishi” was designated as National Nature Monument in 1976. Expect 3-4 hours for the round trip from the trail entrance in Fukuura.


The Evening Sun on the West Coast of Shimokita Peninsula

The Evening Sun on the West Coast of Shimokita Peninsula Sai Village is located at the west coast of Shimokita Peninsula, facing Hokkaido and Tsugaru Peninsula. On the coast are the scenic sites like Hotokegaura and Gankakeiwa Rocks and unique shoreline. These geographic features allow you to enjoy the beautiful evening sun from anywhere in the village.


Hotokegaura Regular Sightseeing Cruise

Hotokegaura Regular Sightseeing Cruise It is best to enjoy the majestic view of Hotokegaura, 2km long from the south to the north, from the sea. You can take the regular sightseeing cruise from two ports of Sai Port and Ushitaki Port. Don’t miss it.