Sai-Village Tourism Association
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In Sai Village, you can find many unique products like tasty seafood gifts and crafts made with local specialty of Japanese cypress of Aomori.

Sea Urchin Roe/Salmon Roe

Sea urchin roe is the most typical of Sai Village’s specialty. Salted and bottled sea urchin roe made by Sai Village Fishery Cooperative contains no additives like alcohol, so it is safe/secure and delicious. Also, roe of salmon grown in the rough sea of The Tsugaru Strait is a very popular gift. (Both are available frozen/refrigerated.)


Processed Seafood

You should not miss the various processed seafood of Sai Village.Choose from a wide variety of processed foods - processed fish like salmon and cod, processed shellfish like scallop, and processed seaweed like wakame, konbu and hijiki. Manufactured with meticulous care, many are made with no additives - safe and sound processed foods.


Japanese Cypress Products of Aomori

Sai Village has been known as a big producer of Japanese cypress for a long time. Now we ship less timber for construction purpose, but make many more products that take advantage of the distinctive scent and antibacterial efficacy of Japanese cypress. We have bath additives and shampoo with rich aroma of Japanese cypress as well as hand-made crafts made with the wood.


Souvenir House

The largest souvenir shop with all kinds of gift items from not only Sai Village but all over Shimokita Peninsula. Carrying different kinds of Japanese cypress products and crafts of Aomori, food items including processed food and sweets/candies made with local specialties - perfect gifts to take home with.


Tezukuri Mart

You can find fresh vegetables harvested in each morning in Sai Village as well as scallop-flavored soft ice cream and processed seafood of Sai Village Fishery Cooperative. We strongly recommend mozuku seaweed that you can only find in Sai. It tastes nothing like mozuku you can find elsewhere.You will be amazed to know the real taste of mozuku.


Ushitaki Madaaru Uminoeki (seaside station)

A small seaside station at Ushitaki Port.This tiny shop is operated by the wives of local fishermen. You can find home-processed seafood without any additives and handicrafts here.It is a small place only 3-4 people can fill up, but the items you can find are all one and only types.