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HOMECulture Of Sai Village

Culture Of Sai Village

Inspired by the spirit of benevolence and the life of spiritual seeking by Dr. Gotaro Mikami, Sai Village places three pillars in our village planning – “planning for a comfortable village to live (in safety and environment)”, “planning for a lively village (in health-keeping and servicing others)”, and “planning for a culture-oriented village (in culture and lifelong study)” – to promote the realization of the community of Red Cross where people in and out of Japan can freely interact.
Having the prosperity with the maritime trade and fishery in the steeply hilly geography and the beautiful coastline in our background, we are committed to nurture the “rich culture” that can only be found in this region that takes advantage of our ancestors’ achievement and unique local history/culture to develop the wisdom, the experience and the spirit of cooperation in the prosperous coexistence with the nature, animals, family and neighbors to survive over time.
Each area of the village has its own traditional performing arts, such as festival music, kabuki in Fukuura, and hand-posture dances, which are still alive today.