Sai-Village Tourism Association
1F, 112 Oosai, Sai-Village, Aomori 039-4711
Phone 0175-38-4515
FAX 0175-38-4514


Sai Village is blessed with the natural environment, and has a wide variety of seafood and farm produces.
Enjoy the local goodies in the freshest condition at local restaurants/diners.

Shokujidokoro Manjuya

This is a diner to enjoy splendid menu made with fresh seafood directly from fishermen in a spacious room. Feast on the taste of Sai Village with the spectacular view of The Tsugaru Strait from the picture window. Choose from a wide range of menus of ramen noodles with mozuku seaweed, standard donburi bowls, set meals and more.


Kissa Poppies

The only coffee shop in Sai Village. Serves freshly ground coffee and various light meals. Its specialties include “miso spaghetti” with their own blend of miso salty bean paste, “home-made pizza” and “gingered pork set meal (w/ coffee)” made with special sauce.


Ramen Hanamaru

This restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes like its own special ramen noodles.Standard ramen in miso, soy sauce or salt flavored soup and ramen with dipping sauce are also popular.



A café/bakery known for the home-baked bread and cakes.The original bread is available only in limited quantity, and so popular that it is often sold out in the morning.In the bakery are some tables you can order light meals – perfect for a light lunch.


Nuido Shokudo

A diner in Fukuura Area. Don’t miss the Sanshoku Kabuki Donburi Bowl of salmon roe, sea urchin roe and salmon, caught every morning and are extremely fresh. Sea urchin roe donburi bowl, available only in summer, is their specialty known for the sumptuous volume and affordable price. It is a well-kept secret among sea urchin roe lovers from all over Japan.


Hotokegaura Drive-In (roadside restaurant)

Excerpt from the tourist information “A diner operated by the local fishermen”Their recommendation, Mixed Donburi Bowl, is a voluminous set meal with a donburi bowl of lots of sea urchin roe and abalone, miso soup, grilled fish, sashimi and a small dish of the day. Serving seasonal seafood, such as sea urchin roe, spear squid and salmon, this is a must-go place you can enjoy the taste of Shimokita whenever you visit.