Sai-Village Tourism Association
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In order to fully experience the charm of Sai Village, it is highly recommended to stay overnight to treat yourself with fresh seafood and interact with local people.
Every hotel/inn will welcome you with heartfelt hospitality.
Some hotel/inn offers foreign language services only in English. Please check the latest information in advance.

Kawabata Ryokan

This hotel is famous for the seafood dishes made with fresh local ingredients of Sai Village.Many guests come all the way to enjoy the food. Many patrons love the personality of the landlady and keep coming back for a long time.


Minshuku Yoshieimaru

Located right by the Sai Fishery Harbor, you can feel the nice salt breeze. Enjoy the cheerful and homey ambience. Spacious rooms are suitable for a wide range of guests, from a couple to large groups. 【Closed on】December 31 – January 3


Minshuku Miyano

An Inn on the overlook by the sea with the superb view of the sunset into Tairadate Straits. Many of its guests are tourists, and some visit this place just for the food. Especially famous for extra fresh sashimi from Sai. If you are lucky, you can enjoy tuna of Oma. The dishes also use many of mountain vegetables of Sai, so are very healthy.


Tanaka Ryokan

It is a hotel located in Fukuura Area, 17km to the south of Sai Area or 30 minutes by car. The owner couple share their work to operate this hotel - the landlady working in the hotel to give you hospitality service and the master going out on the sea to catch fresh seafood to serve you. The landlady’s signature dish of stewed seasonal fish is especially well known.


Minshuku Fukujuso

It is an inn located in Fukuura Area, 17km to the south of Sai Area or 30 minutes by car. The master and the landlady welcome you with careful and warm hospitality. Their specialty is the well balanced, both in taste and looks, meals made with seasonal seafood. They can arrange a fishing boat for you, and some of their patrons have been coming back to them for over 20 – 30 years.


Minshuku Namieso

It is an inn located in Fukuura Area, 17km to the south of Sai Area where Arusasu is or 30 minutes by car. Many hikers to Nuidoishiyama stay here in spring and fall. This also is a favorite place to stay for many of those who come back to their hometown during the New Year and obon holidays. They can arrange a fishing boat for you. (Reservation required.)


Minshuku Yuzukiso

This is a cozy inn in Fukuura Area. You will be amazed by the dishes made with fresh seafood the master catches every day.You may be able to make an arrangement to have your favorite one in his catch of the day cooked.You may want to try seasonal catch like rockfish, greenling, Sebastes in June and July.


Forest Experience Center (campsite)

You can camp out in the designated area in Forest Experience Center’s property. Rental tools/equipment are available, so feel free to inquire. 【Closed on】None【Parking】Yes (free of charge) 【Credit Card】Not accepted


Gankake-koen Park Cabin House

Cabin Houses in Gankake-koen Park are a collection of log cottages solely made with Japanese cypress. They are located on the overlook with the stunning view of Tsugaru Straits, and you can clearly see Hokkaido and Tsugaru Peninsula on clear days. It offers healing moments with the sun setting into the Straits and fantastical scenery with fishing lights.